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Supercharge your team with Link Digital Business Cards

One sleek card to replace
all your paper cards

Easily share all the
information you care about

Keep brand consistency
across all your teams

Stand out with innovative

Great conversation starter

Save the planet

Close more deals with Link Lead Management

Easily convert paper
business cards to
connections in the Link app

Create lead generation
flows within your business

Seamlessly add notes to
leads in real-time, to plan
for next steps

Track & measure
performance with
real-time analytics

Automatically send new
leads to your favorite CRM

Send instant intro emails
to new connections

Integrations with 4000+

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What our customers say
Loving it!

I`m loving my new Link card! The reaction people have when I simply tap my card to their phone is priceless. This is making networking a real fun activity

WOW Factor

Other than the fact this WOW`s people everytime I use it, Link card has been making my job easier. I simply added our deck and success stories to my page for potential clients to have access to. Great work Link team

A new way to network

I`m loving my new card... super slick! No more forgetting busienss cards or not having enough of them. I have one card and one card only.

Love at first sight

A few months ago, I met a client who tapped their Link card to my phone at the end of a meeting. At that second, I knew I wanted one too.

Save the planet

I stopped giving out (or receiving) business cards years ago after realizing this tradition was super wasteful, so had to give my phone number to everyone I met, hoping they would connect. This of course was far from optimal. Link card is a busienss card on steroids that also saves the planet. What a combo!

Jordy Romero
Business Development
Anthony Jushua
Senior Sales Manager
Jemma Samuel
Director, Account Management
Robin Garrison
Marc Marino
CEO & Activist
Frequently ask question
Trouble Shooting

What is Link and what can I use it for?

Link is the next generation of business cards! One beautiful card to replace all your paper cards. With Link, you can easily create a beautiful digital business card, add your personal details, social networks and any other information you would like to share. Then, once you meet a new person, you can either tap your card to their phone to have all your info instantly appear or have them scan the QR code on the card. Sharing your information has never been easier!

Does the other person need the Link App?

Nope. The only thing they need is a phone. You then just tap your card to their phone or ask them to scan the QR code on the card. That's it!

Does Link require a subscription?

No! Link is free to use. We do offer some premium features within the Link app, but this is completely optional. The free version is amazing

Does Link card work on every phone?

Link cards work on 99% of phones. There are two options to share your Link page in-person, the first is by tapping the card using NFC technology, this technology exists on most phones. The second option is to scan the QR code that is printed on the card – 99% of phones have a camera with QR scanning capabilities. See full device NFC computability 

How do I add my details?

Creating a Link page is super easy. All you need to do is to download our mobile app (App Store | Google Play), and build your page. You can add a photo or logo, contact details, social media handles and much more. You will also be able to design your page to make it look perfect

How do I change my details?

Changing details is super easy. Just log into Link mobile app, choose the information you want to update or add, and that is it. Once you publish your updated page, all changes will be shown when you use your card the next time 

Can I get a custom designed card for my company?

Of course. We work with many companies, creating beautiful custom cards for them. Please contact us via this email to get additional information at

Can I have multiple Link cards that send to the same Link page?

Of course. Once you purchase multiple cards, use the “Activate Product” option in the Link app menu to activate as many cards as you would like. 

This option is great for a bunch of people using the same business page, like restaurants, beauty salons and other service businesses. 

Link card is not working on iPhone

1. Make sure their phone is compatible (see compatible device list).

Note that the phone model you have doesn’t matter when sharing

2. Make sure to tap your Link card to the top of the back of their phone. This is where the NFC sensor is located on iPhone devices

3. Your Link Card can’t be read when:
a. Their phone is in airplane mode
b. Their device flashlight is on
c. Their phone screen is off
d. Their camera is open

Not working on Android

1. Make sure their phone is compatible (see compatible device list). Note that the phone model you have doesn’t matter when sharing

2. Make sure to tap your Link card to the center of the back of their phone. This is where the NFC sensor is located on Android.

3.Make sure NFC is enabled on their phone

If their phone is on the compatible devices list and is still not reading your card, go to their phone settings and search for NFC. Make sure that "NFC" is turned on

How to use Link cards on older iPhone`s?

To tap your inperson Card to an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you must use the NFC reader in their control center. See the image below for how to activate this:

Where do you ship to?

We ship Worldwide

How long will my order take to ship?

Shipping times within the US:
Standard Shipping: 5-7 Days
Expedited Shipping: 2 Days

Worldwide Shipping:7-30 Days

Please note: For 'Expedited Shipping' to arrive 2 days after placing the order, the order should be placed before 12PM EST. Any orders after 12PM EST will be sent the day after and shipping will then take 2 days

All orders come with tracking which is sent to you via email. Alternatively, you can also go to our Tacking Page to check your shipment status

How can I track my order?

Once your Link card is on its way, you will receive an email with a link to your tracking information. You can also see this information by going to the Tracking Page on our site

If you still need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via debit/credit card, Apple Pay & Google Pay

Refund policy

Please refer to our Refund Policy

I haven’t received my order

If you have not received your Link Card, please try the steps below:

1. Check your mailbox! Many times, your Link Card is waiting there.

2. Contact your local post office or carrier and reference the tracking info.

3. There are times when your package is marked delivered but doesn't arrive for another 24-48 hours. If your package has not arrived within this time frame, please send an email to

How to turn NFC on for an Android

Some Android phones have NFC turned off by default.

If an Android device is not reading your Link card, go to phone settings and search for "NFC". Then make sure you have this turned on

Compatible devices

Click here to see all Link Card compatible devices

How do I share with non-compatible phones?

Most devices out there can use their camera to scan the QR code on your Link Card.

You can also easily share your Link page via text, airdrop, email or any social network via the sharing option in Link app

Where do I download the Link app?

Right here: Download Link app

How do I activate my Link card?

Once you download the Link app and create a Link page, you will have an “Activate Product” option in the main menu. When tapping on that option, you can choose between tapping your card or scanning the QR code on the card to activate it. That’s it! Consider your card activated

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